Erik Anderson

Seattle, Washington, US

Erik's Skills
Product Management

About Erik

I am an electronics engineer and technical leader with experience in low noise circuits, sensors, embedded systems, quick prototyping, customer support, modeling, simulation, systems design, and requirements analysis. I've worked in the consumer electronics industry for 8 years.

Besides technical things I've also learned why quality is free, what Not Invented Here (NIH) means, what a net promoter score (NPS) is and why it matters, why Root Cause Corrective Action (RCCA) is good, the value in Future Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA), why we we should always eschew obfuscation (and define acroynms), why document and source control is good, why specifications and operation manuals are good, why people who feel free produce more value, and why egos generally get in the way of producing value.

I'm looking to continue on my long term goal to make a living on my own. Whether that be starting a company, joining a start-up, or contracting my skills. A good place to start for me may be to find someone that has an idea for a great new gadget and needs someone to set into motion the feasibility, design, and/or build a prototype.