Erik Jarory de Jesus

New York, New York, US

Erik Jarory's Skills
Product Management

About Erik Jarory

I am an innovator and big picture person. Coming from an anthropology background, my strongest asset is understanding trends on a user level. I strive to find new solutions for old problems, combining them with the technical expertise of skilled developers. This is the focus of Questly. We want to tap into Millennials' passion for experience in a globalized world while empowering them to have new income streams. We don't want to just be the next Ingress or even the next Facebook. We want to bring a new kind of experience to the world all together. The ideal candidate is not only someone who could get behind that vision, but someone who can see the pitfalls along the way. Our team has a mix of unique perspective, but we are severally lacking in traditional business acumen. If we can blend that into our current mix, I'm positive we can create something the world has not seen before.