erik larsen

Denver, Colorado, US

erik's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About erik

I'm an entrepreneur looking for a web guru, entrepreneur and co-founder (local to Denver only) to help me build my custom niche website focused on the consumer goods storage market with huge potential. The concept for this website is original, poised for fast growth and untouched in the market.

About me: I grew up in an entrepreneurial and invention focused family and learned the ropes early on. My grandfather invented a product you probably use on a regular basis and my parents have been successful business technical business owners for over three decade. I helped build their business into a multi-million dollar business and I've had a few business ventures of my own. Some successes.. Some failures. A good partner/co-founder match for me would be bootstrapping entrepreneur either ready to take on the project with me or develop a beta version and help me bring the idea to angel investors.