Erik Larson

San Francisco, California, US

Erik's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Erik

I am an experienced and successful product manager - I have launched a dozen v1 products in the past decade. I'm approachable, enthusiastic and smart, with good business judgement. People enjoy working with me, probably because I enjoy working with them.

I've built a web-based prototype of an app to help people make wiser life decisions. The next step is to take it from a wireframe that helps most and delights some, to a beta that delights everyone who uses it.

I need a partner or two to help. I'm looking for an engineer and designer to partner with me and build this thing. I'm thinking the beta would be an HTML5 web app optimized for mobile to keep things simple at first.

This is an opportunity to take on a meaningful problem and make people's lives better. Plus, the market is very large, and two business models look promising, so there is a real chance of meaningful financial reward as well.



BSE Astro, Minor Lit

1992 - 1992

Harvard Business School

Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Product

2000 - 2000