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Hi, I'm Erik, a Georgetown undergrad majoring in management, with some experience coding (Ruby on Rails) working hard on a startup to fix college. Read on!

The Problem:
College is inefficient and expensive because it does not use technology (such as recorded videos) to teach students. Bureaucracy creates arbitrary requirements that businesses do not value. There is a dearth of computer science teachers, and spaces for computer science students available at college campuses.

The Solution:
An online Computer Science degree endorsed by the top names in technology. This degree would not need to be accredited because endorsement by the top names in technology and use of industry-standard mastery tests would give employees confidence in the capability of the students/graduates. Revenue would be generated by charging for TA office hours. An internship/job portal would be created to encourage tech companies to interact with high-quality individuals.

This could eventually scaled up to a physical campus. More majors could be added by interviewing the top names in other industries and getting their endorsements.

If you are at all interested in what I'm doing, as a cofounder, as a founder of a similar/related startup, you know someone who might be interested, or just an interested browser of Cofounderslab, I'd love to talk with you. Send me a message, call or text me at (503) 309-6808.

About Me:
I'm 97th percentile intelligence and have only the highest expectations for myself and for my (hopefully our!) startup. I have experience as an intern at two startups, and at 3 startup weekends, one Honorable Mention.

Thanks for reading.

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Oregon State University Honors College

Entrepreneurship/Business, Management

2013 - 2013

Georgetown University

Business Marketing

2016 - 2016