Erika Wahl

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Erika's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Erika

I have had an idea for a website that fills a need for online searching. The idea came to me out of frustration after frustration of not being able to find what I wanted easily and thinking "I can't believe there isn't a website to do this in existence."

This project chose me I did not choose it. I have little or no tech experience and 5+ years of marketing and writing experience. Instead of just forgetting the idea or watching as someone else develops it first because I was too lazy to do something I decided that I can and will succeed. Since I don't have much tech experience, I don't have much on paper. I don't have much more than a concept but I know exactly what I want in my head and believe that it will be relatively easy to execute if I am able to work with someone closely who is tech oriented.

Up until now I have been attempting to learn as I go in order to get something going but it has proven to take a very long time on my own. I decided to try to find a co-founder and I am interested in someone who is motivated and passionate and loves what they do. I don't want anyone who is in it for money or fame or just wants any old business. I am passionate, hard-working and dedicated and I need someone who is the same but with some tech skills. I can offer my writing and marketing knowledge.