Erin Wheeler, PhD

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, US

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About Erin

As an Higher Education consultant, I constantly encounter students who are clueless about the college preparation process. This is unfortunate as quality college preparation leads to college success. However, race, income, and educational background are barriers to receiving quality advice and guidance in preparing for college. Caseloads of high school counselors are extremely large in low-income high schools and parents without a college degree are unfamiliar with the planning process. There is a great need to target this population and provide them the quality information that private college counselors provide their clients.

I am interested in designing a virtual college counseling app to help underserved high students and families understand the college planning process. I have outlined desired features and functions and I am currently creating a survey to distribute to licensed high school counselors to evaluate their needs in helping students prepare for college. I will send an similar survey to parents and students to evaluate their needs in preparing for college.

Currently, I am looking for someone with tech experience to help my ideas translate into a mobile app and also someone with the marketing and business skills properly market the app with key stakeholders: parents, school districts, and students. I would love to have someone who has a passion for mentoring youth and interested in their success.


Southeastern Louisiana University

BS Biology

2007 - 2007

Southern University Baton Rouge

MS- Biology

2010 - 2010

Southern University Baton Rouge

PhD, Science and Math Education

2012 - 2012