Ernie Mudd

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Ernie's Skills
Product Management

About Ernie

I'm between projects at the moment. I'm not quite ready to do my own next startup but I am looking for the people who might be a part of that when the time comes (and it will). I'm always looking for people doing neat things that grab my interest and where I think I have something to offer the project. I've been in engineering for over 20 years now. From designing engines to software systems, I figure out how to make things work or make things work better. I'm a problem solver and I love nothing better than that feeling you get when you're working crazy hours but you just can't get enough. In addition to technical abilities, I'm the calm and reasoned person in the room. I make quick decisions but never rash decisions. I hate failure and I hate being wrong, but I'm not afraid of either one! I'm comfortable keeping things loose, but I know how to take charge and push things forward when the time comes. Bridging the business and technical is one of my strongest points.

While I'm adept enough on the business side, it's certainly not my best attribute. Finding complimentary people to work with and learn from, is what I'm after. I'm open to helping someone else with their idea (as long as it's cool) or meeting and getting to know people who can help me when I decide to take the leap again.

If we're not changing the world, whats the point?