Erol PhD CS


Richmond, Virginia, US

Software Architect
Erol's Skills
Data Aggregation
Data Analysis
API Development
Spring MVC
Functional Architecture

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Erol

I have strong CS fundamentals with PhD on Grid computing UI. I have done 17+ years industry experience on many projects listed below. I have experienced for 3 startup failures before. I am looking for a co-founder for next startup.

-Built service virtualization framework for simulation of APIs
-Develop fully testing automation tool run by swagger specs only and provide no-more-code for testing
-Developed products search result ranking for e-commerce with Apache SOLR, Hadoop
-Substantial work on analyzing click-stream and log data and combined with customer and products data, produce searchable and rank-able data
-Modernize old web site without modifying system but adding a proxy layer over old pages: parsing and producing json data from pages (with jquery on server) and render wih Angular
-Pioneering cloud/grid user interface with PhD thesis
-Developed a voip gateway software for unified communications
-Designed an unique reverse group purchasing platform
-Search Engine for Turkish Language with Hadoop and SOLR cloud
-Developed custom MDM - Master Data Management solutions
-Fun of using functional languages : Xquery, Scala, Clojure etc.
-Extracting business rules from old legacy languages with language translators like TXL
-ETL: Extract, transform, load- expert
-Gateway software to secure intranet company web services with .NET framework
-Best ranking framework for eCommerce with SOLR.

Work Experience

Senior Software Analyst

Ferguson Enterprises

October 2007 - December 2016


Syracuse University

PhD Computer Science

1996 - 2000

Syracuse University

MS Computer Science

1994 - 1996