Esben Lundsgaard Haubjerg

Aarhus, Denmark

Esben Lundsgaard's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Esben Lundsgaard

I am a budding entrepreneur. By that I mean that I am currently on the outlook for an exciting idea that can turn into a startup. I have a couple of ideas myself in various industries (physical products, mobile apps, e-commerce...) where I am looking for someone to spar with. However, my main competences is with developing physical products. I am also very interested in joining others with an even brighter idea. So if you have a great idea and need someone to co-develop or take care of business (!) - please do not hesitate for an informal talk og email!
Apart from my eagerness to start up, my main experience is within sustainability, product development, business strategy, innovation management, funding, and SME finance. Based on my educational background as a M.Sc. Tech. Based Business Development and a B.Sc. Architectural Engineering I am capable of dealing with and combine technical and business related potentials. Take a look at my linkedin profile for further information: