Estefany Benedith

New York, New York, US

Estefany's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Estefany

I am seeking someone to help me build my brand, I am currently working on a Street wear brand named Rags to Riches. What makes Rags to Riches unique is its name, message, and story. In my eyes Rags to Riches represents everyone, it represents those who want to go from nothing to something. I know what it feels like to see people come from rags to riches, so I decided to make a brand that represents just that. Its more than a brand , its a movement, its par of a culture. I know Rags to Riches with the right help can reach greater heights. I am looking for someone to help invest, market, and advise me on how to expand Rags to Riches. The plan is to get Rags to Riches in boutiques and not just online. I have a concept of where I want my brand to go and know the steps I need to take from attending Kauffman Fast Trac NewVenture, I've learned what I need to progress. I would like someone who understands the industry, fashion, has the right connections, has the same motivation and vision as myself. My aspirations for te company is to see every celebrity and adult/teen to wear something from Rags to Riches. I have 3-5 years in high end fashion retail, making me very familiar with product management, trends, and styles. Why should you team up with me ? because I will give 110% to making my dream come true, once I have my mind set on something it has to be completed. Not cutting no corners, it has to be done so that Rags to Riches last. I mean Rags to Riches is my baby.


SUNY Empire State College

Health Management

2014 - 2014


Kauffman FastTrac NewVenture