estevan carlos benson

Los Angeles, Chile

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My educational background involves many facets of art, design, and technology. Ranging from synthesis, to computer vision, to web development and graphic design. With that said my strengths could be characterized as Creative Technologist. I have my feet wet in a variety of areas including front-end development (which is what I do full-time), Max/MSP, sound design, a little C++, etc. I aggressively keep up with trends in engineering and science and want to find ways to bring art and technology into a successful business model.

I'm looking for someone who appreciates this vision but has either heavier programming ability or business acumen. My background is neither in computer science nor business so these are areas I need support in.


Northeastern University

Double Major B.S. Music Technology & Multimedia

2006 - 2006


Candidate M.F.A. Design | Media Arts

2008 - 2008