Esther Jones

Washington, District of Columbia, US

Esther's Skills
Product Management

About Esther

Hey there! I'm looking for a teammate to help conceptualize and dream up the next step for my online business. Customers are there and they are buying, but I know there are better ways to do the things that I am doing and opportunities for growth.

What the heck am I doing you ask? I am a modern day hunter-gatherer, I hit up thrift stores throughout the state and buy and sell unique new/ used and vintage women's clothing and accessories. I also buy some of my inventory through other venues such as online liquidations, and other second hand online clothing venues. I sell through ebay and have been able to sell $4,000+ in sales each month by myself.

I am inspired because I know making new clothes is not sustainable. The world needs more people doing what I am doing to recycle resources that we already have in circulation! Everyone wants one of a kind, unique piece of fashion, so shopping vintage is vital.