E.T. Ridgely

Washington, District of Columbia, US

E.T.'s Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About E.T.

During the day, I work as an analyst for a local DC tech company. I've been there for over two years, right as it received B series funding. At night, however, I'm working on a start-up that integrates social media and fundraising. When you think about it, fundraising touches so many facets of everyday life: political lobbying, education, religious institution, etc.. While there are a ton of ideas like Rally, Kickstarter, et al., none capture the viral effect of social media quite like my idea.

Between me and my co-founders, we're looking for a developer, someone with a background in payment processing and pulling credit reports. Ideally, said individual will have a firm grasp of Yodlee, Intuit, or Mint's inner workings. We already have one developer on the team.

Likewise, if you're passionate about fundraising, feel free to reach out to me.