Eu-wen Ding

Boston, Massachusetts, US

Eu-wen's Skills
Product Management

About Eu-wen

I'm a first year MBA student at HBS. My background is in mechanical engineering and I worked as a product manager and mechanical engineer for a medical device startup for three years where I was employee no. 7. Successfully brought my product to market one year ago and left the company when it was about 50 people in size. Built domain expertise in product development and project management. Managed a team of 10 consisting of mechanical, electrical, and manufacturing engineers and product designers.

Earlier this year I joined a programming bootcamp as well so I also have some coding skills and experience with Rails, HTML/CSS/JS.

I'm working with a MBA classmate who has 5 years of operations and logistics experience and we're looking to start an e-commerce company. We're looking for someone with a deeper technical ability than what I have to take point on developing the site and platform. Contact me for more info!