Eugena Harrington

New York, New York, US

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Product Management
Business Development

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Founded 1 startup

About Eugena

I'm a strategist and creative brand builder, who brings a brand to market or infuses life in a project or idea. I love trying something new and creating something from nothing and seeing it evolve. I get to work with many entrepreneurs from the creative and tech realms, Entertainment and non Entertainment verticals, and in between.

In 2007 and in my spare time, I created a brunch site where brunch connoisseurs in New York could generate a list of locations to frequent. At the time, I basically pitched the idea to a marketing group and they provided necessary support based on the budget allocated. Although the idea was passion driven, not much thought, if any, was devoted to continual application development or achieving a sustainable life cycle. The project was void of any marketing strategy. The satisfaction and euphoric feeling one may experience when winning or completing a race, I experienced when the app was build and the project was completed - pure and simple.

Now, I am interested in converting the site into an application service where brunch lovers can go and connect with others, buy brunch related product and find locations to celebrate and enjoy brunch. I am interested in financing this venture by either debt or equity financing and expanding the executive team to get there.

I am seeking a co-founder to come onboard. They should be innovative, open minded, passion driven, have a high level of persistence and commitment, and an appreciation of how Brunch is a social mainstay of society. It is ideal if they have experience raising start up funds (angel, seed, venture capital) and strengths in at least one of these skills - marketing, product management, application development.

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