San Francisco, California, US

Eugene's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Eugene

I am a business developer and strategist specializing in building business ecosystems and multi-sided platforms.
I want to build a B2B multi-sided platform. I have made preliminary research and found main pains of small companies. Also, I have created strategy and a business model to build a business ecosystem based on the multi-sided platform. The main goal is to create a very simple and user-friendly solution for customers based on a very sophisticated ecosystem which can’t be replicated by competitors.
At the current stage, I have created strategy, a business model, and a low-fidelity platform to test the idea. The next stage is to apply to a start-up accelerator in Silicon Valley to develop the platform and get access to venture capital.
I am looking for a co-founder with experience in creating web-based solutions on Ruby on Rails to join me at a start-up accelerator.