Eugene Cheong

Eastwood, Australia

Founder and designer of Chemism
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First time founder

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About Eugene

Graduated with Honours at UNSW, in the Bachelor of Industrial Design.

Three years, shortly after graduating, I had a major medical accident.

The accident left me disabled, and I could no longer work actively, as a Industrial Designer.

The NSW government tried to find jobs for people living with disabilities, but all the jobs on offer were very simple jobs, and they said I was over-qualified for almost all of them.

I was frustrated that people with disabilities, seeking employment, were commonly given extremely menial jobs

There were no platforms for people living with disabilities, that allowed them to become entrepreneurial, by helping them start, develop and manage their own businesses.

So I decided to designed this online platform, to help address the issues of Disability and Entrepreneurship.

And I call it Chemism.

I am currently looking for a web developer, as a technical co-founder, to help me develop an MVP of Chemism, so that I can test and present it.


Be the most excellent person you can be, and excellence itself will be yours - Unknown


The University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Industrial Design (graduated with Honours)

2004 - 2007