Eugene Drugov

Miami, Florida, US

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Product Management

About Eugene

Good day!
I'm from Russia (city of Moscow). I am a beginner entrepreneur. I worked as a project manager at the Swedish Representation SENAB company. Activities - supply contract furniture. I have an idea and business model to implement it into practice! My idea is a means of hygiene for men. For men, modern and free, the main interest in this product is gays and metrosexuals I suppose. I am looking for a business partner (co-founder, business angel and friend) in the United States (Miami, California is preferred). This product for USA and Europe markets, as I told this product should be interested for gays. I'm ready to give big share to bring the idea to life. It's new unique product. All business will be located in the United States. I tell you more personnaly ! Waiting for you! Thanx!