Eugene Jang

San Jose, California, US

Eugene's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 1 startup

About Eugene

Everything I have done have been tied into each other.
From selling candy and treats to my peers in elementary school,
creating My first DJ production and promotion company in College,
being a recruiter for startups and Large Tech Companies,
and finally working for a start up which I believed in highly until I finally realized the values between the CEO and Myself were no longer aligned I had to leave.

But all these experiences work into each other and build upon each other, which led Me
to this idea.

I am here to look for a CTO, a person to embark on this journey. I have always been a visionary and I see great things for this idea to blossom,who here is willing and read yto take the next step with me?

Heres a little about Me.
I enjoy playing poker (its a lot like business.)
I do martial arts, (great discipline and perseverance)
Backpacking at least once a year to get in touch with nature.
I built an quinzee once (its like an igloo)


UC Davis

BS Psychology

2011 - 2011