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Eugene Mironic


Product Manager, Engineer, Programmer

San Francisco, California, US


Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

Age Group


About Eugene

- programming (20+ years since I was 13 y.o.)
- running and managing remote distributed engineering and non-engineering teams from all parts of the world
- bootstraping new ideas from idea stage to profitable product in both b2b and b2c
- loosing my own money in failed projects
- writing software as sole engineer (aka "getting shit done")
- Ruby on Rails, javascript, chatbots, images processing, video processing, scripting languages, low level C++ / ASM, .NEg, integration with 3rd party APIs, Tensorflow, Deep Learning, Amazon infrastructure, Heroku
- interculture differences as worked with Russia, India, Europe, North America
- creating and iterating mockups and early prototypes for startups to help with first iterations (in US, Eastern Europe)
- data processing and extraction
- online dating (was running the online dating for programmers with thousands of registered users - see my github)



Software is eating the world - Marc Andreessen


Slow thinker, business oriented

Work Experience


November 2016 - January 0

the best place to do things with PDF online

Technical Adviser (non profit)

June 2016 - January 0

RxBalance is a 501c3 organization committed to making sure every person gets the right medication for their unique situation I'm serving as the technical advisor, guiding RxBalance and academic partners on business strategy, technical workflow, and functional specifications for new digital platforms. The current priority at RxBalance is acting as a product management adviser on TalkRx, a new channel of digital medication information.


Penza State University

MS in Computer Software Engineering

1996 - 2002

Penza State University

Financial Management

2012 - 2013