eugene rikel

New York, New York, US

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Product Management

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What I am looking for at the present time:
1. Input/advice on how to proceed further.
2. Angel $
3. Marketing and sales help.
4. May I be of any help to you?

My educational background: B.S. Electrical engineering, M.S. Computer Science.

Short intro:
My website is and it is a fully working prototype.
I have a beta version of the site/software operational.
Goal: Connect a passenger with a closest limo drivers/owners in real-time providing quickest possible service (goal of within 30 seconds), based on geolocation information provided by wireless devices. The system is designed to work with independent drivers as well as limo companies.

Business plan (short version)- offer all services for free for the initial period of operation, then require about $1 per day of premium service. Do not require long registration process for passengers.

The site has 2 use/operation modes: Desktop browser and mobile browser.
The desktop environment is designed for account maintenance. Mobile
environment is where most of the operation/communication takes place.
The type of browser is determined automatically.
The benefits of using for drivers is that the drivers do not
have to waste gas driving and competing with other drivers for passengers.
Passengers reach out to them.

Competition: The only company that comes close to what we provide is Uber.
They employ their own drivers and charge customers directly. I believe that limits their growth. A better business plan is - sign up limo drivers and companies and provide passengers to them.

target market: Any large city that has a dynamic limousine service industry.


city college of ny

Master in Computer Science.

1985 - 1985