Eugene Vyborov

New York, New York, US

Co-founder and CTO @ YayPay
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Product Management
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Product Management

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About Eugene

I am a performance-oriented engineering executive specializing in building enterprise applications for the financial industry; my goal at YayPay is to help companies work through accounts receivable issues that exist for every business. I am responsible for YayPay’s product delivery, strategic technology vision, and core product architecture.

Previously, I founded and built two technology businesses, A2A ( and WebiNerds (, and was Lead Technical Associate at TechStars Boston in 2016. I have a master’s degree in Computer Science from Dnipro National University, Ukraine.

I am passionate about aeroplanes, billiards, travelling, behavioural economics, and machine learning. My favourite places to visit include Amsterdam, Boston, and Lviv (Ukraine). I am enjoying our place in TIME because right now seems to be the best point in time for us to be alive. I'm amazed to see and participate in the development of the new technologies that are changing the way humans live every day. The most important thing in life is the curiosity that brings the pure joy of the cognition.

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