Eugenia Lopez

Product Management, Technical, Programming

Winterthur, Switzerland


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Eugenia

I have 12 years international experience in IT-Project Development for automation, small and large projects. I am since a while a IT-Project Leader.

Quality, commitment, reliability, efficiency, gender equity and a high sense of fairness are important values for me. I am strong minded and I enjoy discussing about ideas. I can admit when I'm not right and committing to the best idea. I am used that my teams deliver projects on time and quality. I'm good at matching people sills with tasks and roles and motivating them to grow.

I search for a motivated, positive, non-conflicting, intelligent and fun co-founder.



BSc Information Systems Engineering

1996 - 2001

Queen's University (Kingston,ON,Canada)

BSc Exchange Semester

1999 - 2000


Requirements Engineering en Management Professional (IREB-CPRE)