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Orlando, Florida, US

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It is against the trend. Yet in my mind the term "Disruptive Technology", coined and widely used around 2014, and referred to a literally "ground breaking technology" called "Ultra-high pressure Constant Disruption Shale Oil and Gas mining method", when a chemical solution (toxic) is pumped in the Earth's crust under immense pressures (~12,500 psi). Then it breaks the pockets with oil and gas for further delivery of those to us, our cars, power stations and finally burning all of this, eventually delivering tons of carbon dioxide in the air (sweet, isn't it?). There many other negative effects of this technology on the environment, besides any escape of the CO2, which are not limited to the soil, rivers, underground water (you name it) pollutions...
Yay!!! Hail to a disruptive technology, my friends!!!

(As a tech person I don't like using, thus contributing in popularization of a term invented (!) and widely used by the oil companies)