Eugénie Favre

Paris, France

Eugénie's Skills
Business Development

About Eugénie

I graduated a bachelor in law last year. This year, I am taking an year off to work as an intern in a startup and in the same time I am developping my startup idea. Right now, I am looking for partners to build my project. I want to create a platform specialized in language study holiday, which can permit people (high school student, or student) to go abroad for free without paying an organization.
Due to my studies, I am an expert with law problems. I am also good at business, and I always go through with my ideas.
Next year, I will be in a business school in the goal to get all the knowledge to succeed in my project.

I am looking for someone who is very motivated by my project. The ideal candidate is someone who really want to be invest in my startup, and who is not scared of taking risks. If you have qualifications as web developer it will be great.
I will give you further information about my startup if you are interested by a future partnership.