Eunsoo Ahn

New York, New York, US

Eunsoo's Skills
Product Management

About Eunsoo

Team up with me I need your help! I'm a frontend designer/developer looking for people. I come from artistic background so if you're interested in arts and creativity that's a huge plus! I want to build something that helps the artistically and creatively inclined students to raise tuition to combat the rising cost of education and open up opportunities to people with talent. But do it in a way that's fun for everyone! I basicially have 2 months free to commit to this project starting now so I thought I'd go all in and see what happens. I work very hard but also try to not take it so seriously and have fun. Timeframe is kinda tight but it's gonna be a fun ride... I don't have a lot of money but honestly this is gonna be a great experience that no amount of money can EVER buy haha