Evan Cherry

Indianapolis, Indiana, US

Looking for technical co-founder
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Currently an RN living near Indianapolis.

Interested in startups and looking for a technical co-founder. Need someone with web and app design/development skills.

I have a passion for small non-profits that focus on helping people gain upward mobility and move out of poverty in real ways. I like to call it effective compassion. I want to connect these non-profits better with their communities for support and growth.

Vision is to create a member network connecting customers to small independent local businesses, especially restaurants and coffee shops. Member benefits would include an across-the-board discount to all participating businesses, in addition to an amount of each purchase being donated directly to a local non-profit of their choice. Benefit to small businesses is direct access and connection to an enthusiastic and committed customer segment already interested in supporting local economy, non-profits, and spending their dollars in their own communities. Benefit to customers is a discount on all purchases at participating businesses as well as making social impact in their own community with every purchase. Benefit to non-profits is better connection and financial support from their own community where they are doing good work.

Creating customer interest by tying each donation amount to a discount on a purchase is key to incentivizing adoption, use, and growth. I have found a few startups with a similar idea that failed to directly incentivize customers to participate and give to non-profits because there was no immediate benefit--just the knowledge that they were supporting a good cause. Coupling the desire to give and make a social impact with receiving an immediate benefit or reward is where the magic happens.

Possible ways to monetize as a startup would be a membership fee for customers--maybe $1-$2 per month. Also a membership fee for participating businesses, or a small percentage fee of all participating customer purchases.

Message me if you are interested in getting in on the beginning of a startup.

Work Experience

Registered Nurse

CHI Mercy Health

December 2014 - September 2016

Book Seller

Barnes & Noble

October 2016 - May 2017


Access Family Physicians

May 2017 - Today


Umpqua Community College

Associate of Applied Science in Registered Nursing

2010 - 2014