Evan Dietz

Dallas, Texas, US

Evan's Skills
Product Management

Startup Experience

Founded 2+ startups

About Evan

I consider myself a good technical leader with a strong ability to work with customers to break down their needs into simpler requirements. I'm comfortable managing a team of people (local or remote) and also willing to get my hands dirty (hardware or software). I've got a masters in computer engineering and a minor in entrepreneurship.

I've recently started a small side-business called blindtiger.io (check it out at http://www.blindtiger.io). Our clients have been very happy and we've been excited to field some pretty cool solutions for them. I'm looking for a business developer who wants to help me grow the business by expanding the consulting opportunities (primary) and who also wants to help think of a few native ideas to pursue (secondary). Needs to be a self starter with experience not only in dreaming big but also in executing the sale process necessary to turn the dreams into reality.


syracuse University

Computer Engineering / Technological Entrepreneurship

2005 - 2005

University of Texas at Arlington

Computer Engineering

2009 - 2009

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