Evan Sturman

Clarksville, Maryland, US

Evan's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Evan

I am looking to break into the tech business. There is one problem...I have limited technical skills with coding. I can design, plan, and execute an idea along with manage, market, and finance a business but I need someone who I can partner with who can help me actually build the idea. I am no engineer or programmer, but I can design and build businesses on my own. I have worked for the family business since I was 16, learning financing, logistics, and sales.

For a long time now I have designed products, drafted business plans, written business plans, and researched ideas. But I have never been able to act on them because I am having a hard time finding a technical partner. I have enough funding to bootstrap a prototype and enough knowledge on where to go for investors, but I need that one person who knows how to develop these programs, apps, and websites.

I am looking for someone passionate about technology, someone who has lived and breathed it since they were young. I am looking for someone who is willing to bust their ass to get a project done. I am looking for someone as young and determined as me to build the next big thing. Someone who doesn't mind putting in the hours, because we know that the reward at the end is worth it. Someone who wants to do something they love, to develop a product, a business to be proud of. Are you that person?

If you think you are that person, let's talk, because I haven't found one yet.