Evans Ojwang

Bellevue, Washington, US

Evans's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Evans

My Name is Evans Ojwang and I own a Real Estate Service Business here in Seattle and I am looking for a good partner that can Compliment the business or a an Angel Investor to help me grow the business. I am a young Entrepreneur that is extremely passionate about my business and how it can directly change my situation, my families, and other I work with or around. I am more of a visionary, long term and big picture thinker. I have had to learn to think of the now and I have. For a Partner, I am looking for a positive, analytical, admin, "now thinker." What I mean is someone who is more of a realist but is also entrepreneurial. For an Angel Investor, I just need some working capital to grow the business to is potential. Contact me and we can talk about much more!