Eve L.

San Francisco, California, US

Eve L. 's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Eve L.

Edfolio is an early-stage accelerator-funded educational technology startup based in Sunnyvale, CA. We help students build their portfolio of professional skills through online education and then connect them with employers.

We are looking for a software engineer to join our team, either part-time or full-time. An ideal match would be someone with front-end consumer-facing web development experience. Python expertise and/or an interest in educational technology would be a plus. Currently, we are testing our alpha product with students, career counselors, and employers. Over the next few months, we would like to progress to a beta product, which we plan to launch to a closed set of students.

We are a small, passionate team with roots at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard Business School, and the MIT Media Lab. Join us as we take on the world of professional education!