Amsterdam, Netherlands

Evgeni's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Evgeni

We are two co-founders working on a startup in online/mobile advertising.

I have significant business experience, and put in about half the working week into the project currently. My co-founder is doing pioneering work in his research field; we are using his technology and building on from it.

What we don't have is a full-time co-founder developer who can contribute to bringing the project completely to fruition.

The majority of my career was spent at PWC. Currently I also have a company which distributes television content. My co-founder is in the process of completing his PhD.

We are looking for a proactive and capable developer to become our third co-founder.

The right person needs to be able to roll up their own sleeves, so to speak, as well as lead other developers.

The following is the technical background we require:

- C/C++ expertise

Preferred (the below are not deal-breakers, but would certainly help make a very well-rounded co-founder):

- Objective-C experience (iOS programming language). An ideal person would already have one or more apps (in the App Store) to their credit.

- Strong math background (linear algebra especially, and calculus/analysis).

- Java, Python, Matlab, and other programming competence would be great.

Strong math is a necessity, as is having/learning Objective-C and creating solid (bug-free, robust) apps.