Evgeny Galyaev

Phoenix, Arizona, US

Founder of RDI - making innovative tools to fight cancer!
Evgeny's Skills
Treatment Planning
Radiation Detectors
Particle Accelerators
Particle Physics
Radiation Therapy
Medical Device R&D
Medical Device Product Development
Intellectual Property
Monte Carlo
Finite Element Analysis
CAD Tools
Experimental Physics

About Evgeny

PhD (experimental particle physics), worked at some of the forefront experiments in science (CERN, Fermilab). Extensive experience in the industry with conception, R&D of medical devices related to radiotherapy (linac sources, radiation detector arrays and the related tech) and imaging (x-ray tubes).
Trying to get own small rig off the ground, and looking to fill in a couple of blanks in the tech skills (a code samurai and a sage of the mixed signal) - and of course pairs of eyes and great suggestions on the rest of the stuff are always welcome! At this point, know the pretty much exact answers on "what", "how", "who", "when", and "how much" - just need to have a couple of alignments to have it all working.
Business aside... I do believe in my company's mission of making modern, capable tools that help fight cancer and do that better and cheaper, making it more affordable and accessible. My company RDI (Radiation Detection and Imaging) has been funded by the SBIR program and at this point we do have a lot of development done - and knowledge that the ideas work and work well.
Help me out to make final steps to get the product out of the door! Then it will all be TONS of awesome fun growing together!


It is not the possession of truth, but the success which attends the seeking after it, that enriches the seeker and brings happiness to him. - Max Planck


University of Notre Dame du Lac

PhD, Experimental Physics

1999 - 2006