Evgeny Grezin

Moscow, Russia

Evgeny's Skills
Business Development

Startup Experience

First time founder

About Evgeny

Hi all!

I'm interested in finding co-founder for my project or either could join your start-up. I have strong skills in sales & business development (now I manage the retail chain for one of the US corporate, LIn page for details) and eager to start some internet project. As for the internet business project development I'm not as experienced yet.

Mostly I would like to find a person holding the same views & having strong technical skills in order to implement the ideas & equal budget as mine (5000-10000$)

My current project is just a article site for the moment = usatiki.ru & its not monetized at the moment, but in future = zoo-business platform for e-commerce zoo-stores; vet clinics, etc.


Russian academy of economics

Master of Science

2007 - 2007