F. Scott Deaver

San Diego, California, US

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Product Management

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First time founder

About F. Scott

I have invented portable technology that can guarantee the security of a digital asset (software, document, trade secret, proprietary innovation) against theft of intellectual property, unauthorized use, or modification using real-time evaluation of the environment considering hundreds of user-variable data points across a variety of devices (desktop, table, phone) and platforms (Windows, Unix/Android, iOS). A provisional patent application has been filed, the framework has been developed and implemented for Windows desktops, and a demo application is in development.

I am in need of business expertise, team-building expertise (non-technical personnel selection and management), and funding. I have thirty years experience in software engineering and I am considered a world-class software developer and architect. I hold multiple software patents in my own name, and have developed intellectual property for dozens of Fortune 50/500 and smaller clients as a contractor and consultant.

The technology I have invented has been three years in production, and represents a major upheaval to classic software security practices. As designed, it would have prevented the Sony hack, the transfer of media from NSA servers by Edward Snowden, and virtually all transfer of intellectual property to China and India via reverse-engineering of Microsoft's ubiquitous .Net technologies. This technology is attractive to government, corporations, academia, and individuals.

I need extensive help on the business end, including business structure, equity distribution and dilution planning, business plans, funding and an E-level management team.


Grand View College

Liberal Arts

1979 - 1979