Fabian Bock

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US

Fabian's Skills
Business Development
Product Management

About Fabian

Hello! I am a Stanford Graduate and Philadelphia Fellow at Venture for America, a 2-year entrepreneurial program for future founders. For the past year I have been designing and refining my startup idea, which is based on my experience with customers looking to make the right decision when buying something for the first time. Broadly speaking, the idea focuses on decision-making and transparency of information in an online marketplace, but message me if you'd like to find out more!

I am in charge of business development and sales for my current company, and I also have some experience starting up through my academic work and internships at Silicon Valley startups. I am resourceful, driven and committed like no other! I have gone through a 9-month part-time coding bootcamp for Ruby and have been teaching myself Swift on the side; however, I am no coding sensei and would love to find a developer with passions similar to mine, to co-found this startup when my fellowship ends in May 2016.

I am looking mainly for stellar programming skills, especially in mobile app development (though web apps is a definite plus). If you are passionate about helping to create a breakthrough products that has the potential to help both people and businesses, and motivated to walk the entrepreneurial path from an early stage, I'd love to chat with you! Feel free to send me a message or drop by on Skype.