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Teleker is a home controller for healthcare, remote patient monitoring and ambient assisted living.


Components and innovation:

Interaction from TV:
The main component of the platform is a box connected to the TV via HDMI and to the outside world via WiFi or cellular network. The user interaction happens via the remote control. The box has a camera allowing video conferences. The TV is the best device to get health related content, such as diets and physical activities and to perform neurological and physical exercising. The box also can be used to stay connected to social networks, with a simple interface, to keep in touch with the family and participate in games specifically designed.

Wereables integration:
Smart watches play a key role for monitoring and second level of interaction. Teleker uses the smart watch's sensors to detect falls, accelerated pulse rates, receive help requests and send pills and treatment related activities reminders. Users don’t need the watch paired to a cell phone as it’s directly integrated via Bluetooth, through sensors, connected to Teleker, distributed in the different home spaces. it also provides the support for indoor location services and using pattern analysis, the detection of anomalies in the regular activities in order to detect accidents.

Open Architecture:
Teleker integrates medical devices from the largest manufacturers and provides the tools to let any company integrate their products to the platform. We also provide the interfaces for the integration of any healthcare management and clinical record system. Teleker box is a quad core embedded computer so any service provider in areas such as nutrition, exercising, leisure, gaming can develop applications for Teleker's ecosystem.

Powerful back office:
Our dashboard is not a traditional one. The caregivers can define the actions to fire based in the events and values received from the medical devices using a graphical interface and with our health groupware application provide an interdisciplinary treatment.

The next step for Teleker is to apply the personalized medicine model that proposes the customization of healthcare with medical decisions, practices, and/or products being tailored to the individual patient, based on the context of a patient’s genetic content or other molecular or cellular analysis.

Teleker brings healthcare, remote patient monitoring and ambient assisted living technology to the next level.


The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection. - Thomas Paine

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January 2001 - January 2003

Managing IT department



Software Engineer

1987 - 2003





Barcelo University Health Incubator


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2016 - 2016