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Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, US

Hardworking, positive, humble, fast learner, respectful
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About Fabien

My name is Fabien Edjou, Father of two (2) beautiful girls. I was born in Cameroon, Africa. I am in the US as a lucky winner of the US-Diversity Lottery.

Soon after getting her in the US in 2000, I joined the Military in 2001 to immerse myself with the culture, learn the language and make friends. After 14 years of Service, I was put on Medical Retirement in 2015. Transitioning from a structured and predictable environment to a loose and unstructured one has proven to be difficult, however, it allowed me to discover my true passion for Entrepreneurship.

I am the inventor of the Lean Vertical Organizer (www.leanvo.com) concept. I’ve been working on this over the past two years, bootstrapping, driving for Uber & Lyft to get here. Today, we have developed the solutions for shoes and belts, and our belt organizer solution is ready for production. My goal is to be on Shark Tank with my product in 2019.

Unlike any other entrepreneur, I am launching this GoFundMe campaign (l.ead.me/bb1F74) with the objective of building a team of 10,000 people making $5 investment, follow our journey and invites others to join. Your support is the compelling reason why I feel strongly about being selected in 2019 for the ABC Show Shark Tank. My goal is to raise $50,000 from 10,000 individuals (Average $5.00 per person). The $50,000 will allow us to:

· Manufacture a limited inventory of our belt organizer (BeltVO)

· Test our sales channels (Online, Retail, etc…)

· Run a marketing Campaign and collect as much information as possible

· Build a business case to raise funding for the production of a larger inventory

· Design and develop additional solutions for other accessories such as shoes, jewelry, ties, etc…

Currently, I am driving for Uber and Lyft to pay the bills for this product and the tips that I am receiving are going directly towards the campaign. I am so determined to send mighty home-clutter in the history book, one organizer at the time.

My long-term vision is to build a business like no other where profit is measured by how happy and satisfied our customers, employees, financial institutions, and our suppliers are, as oppose to how much money a few individuals get from the venture.

If you feel compelled by this vision and would like to be part of it, then the actions that I need you to take to help me get to the ABC Shark Tank are:

· Make a small donation to the GoFundMe Campaign

· Invite 5 family and friends to do the same

· Leave me a morale booster message (i.e. Best wishes!...)

· Watch me represent the regular people on Shark Tank next year


"I hold this Truth to be self-evident, that all Human beings are created equal, that they are endowed, by their Creator, with the unalienable Right of the pursuit of Happiness.", "I am a citizen of the world, a pilgrim in the universe, a man full of wonders, and a wonderful man!" - Fabien Edjou.

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