fabrizio digiovinazzo

London, United Kingdom

game designer, videomaker, software developer, entrepreneur, creative director
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About fabrizio

Imagine to see the Wimbledon final today and be able to play that very match tomorrow as a modern videogame.

No 3D. Just real footage.
100% interactive.

You can really play the event, embodying your favourite tennis player and you can win the match regardless who won the real one in real life.

That's what my tech can do.
With every sport.

I build a game engine that can merge video game and real footage in a never seen before way.

I'm looking for a co-founder with skills complementary to mine to handle the Finance/Operational/PR side of the company.

About Me:
I've got a 20 year long career in movie and videogame. I dedicated most of my time in merging the two worlds in a unique and interesting way. I build a set of tools and a game engine that can convert video footage that isn't meant to be interactive into action arcade video game. I already experimented and produced several sport games with my tech, which I'm sure it's a unique and a quite surprising one.