Faheem Ahmed

Bengaluru, India

Digital Marketer @kapsystem
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User Experience
Business Development
Product Management
Public Relations
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Call Center Development
Call Center Architecture
Call center start-up
Call Center Administration
Business Management
Marketing Analytics
Finance + Accounting
Venture Capital
Seed Capital
Start Up Environments
Digital Marketing
Business Development

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About Faheem

Born with an artistic flair, Fehmeez has multitude of talents ranging from sketching to mimicry to hip hop art. When not telling people how to accurately pronounce his First Name (which is pronounced Burden, just FYI), He just have changed his name to Faheem for better understanding. Often found sitting with a pair of headphones, his never-ending love for football (love for Red army)Machester United and movies is unparalleled. With a penchant for driving new initiatives, he works as the lone Digital Marketing ranger in the Kapsystem.


Life is all about making Impact not Making income - kevin kruse

Work Experience

Digital Marketer and Business Analysts

KAPSYSTEM- Bulk SMS Service Provider

October 2016 - Today

Handling digital marketing activities across all the platforms - Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, Youtube - Genrating organic traffic on website - Content Syndication Partnerships - Traffic Acquisition across various channels. - Monitoring and optimizing the campaigns on Facebook for maximum reach and engagement. -Lead Generation through Quora,Facebook,Twitter, Instagram-Organic Search

Business Analysts

Dreamgains Financials India Pvt Ltd

September 2015 - July 2016

• Manage a diverse sourcing mix including the in-house sales team, cross sell maximisation, Financial Advisors network • Manage key channel partner relationships • Contact key prospects via Telephone and Email on regular basis with an objective to generate new business • Understand key customer segments and their business potential and associated risks . • Recognizing Client need and based upon it advising the financial products


Jain College


2013 - 2015


NSIM- SeriesViii- Equity and Derrivatives


Topics Followed 84
Academics 10717 Account management 12077 Advertising 35041 Analysis 13098 Analytics 34128 B2B 15602 Blogging 15329 Brand Development 27969 Business Analysis 40914 Business Development 87226 Business Strategy 51563 Business intelligence 24182 Business planning 60684 CRM 22454 Change Management 10989 Cloud Computing 31735 Coaching 13837 Competition 17450 Consulting 35489 Content marketing 13936 Content strategy 13488 Contract negotiation 15228 Creative Direction 14595 Customer service 15326 Data analysis 14207 Digital Media 29251 Digital Strategy 45164 Digital marketing 57428 Due Diligence 9624 E-Commerce 52316 Email Marketing 32675 Enterprise software 15304 Entrepreneurship 91604 Event Management 12396 Financial Modeling 16469 Financial analysis 14852 Fundraising 53626 Go to market strategy 16328 Graphic design 14202 Growth 38424 Lead generation 16880 Leadership 56829 Management 59397 Management consulting 29318 Market research 41683 Marketing 65725 Marketing Communications 17247 Marketing Strategy 63278 Mobile marketing 19755 Negotiation 19305 Networking 25278 Non-profit 9997 Online advertising 40494 Organizational Development 13237 Product Development 54845 Product Marketing 42070 Product management 26557 Program Management 27719 Project management 44210 Public relations 30276 Recruiting 14599 SEO 32425 Saas 30572 Sales 42980 Sales Management 28502 Sales Strategy 19047 Small business 24493 Social Media 47006 Social Media Marketing 28530 Social networking 37283 Software Engineering 15572 Software development 37364 Startups 85171 Strategic Partnerships 61573 Strategy 75236 Team Building 37803 Telecommunications 11237 Training 18240 User Experience Design 20274 User Interface Design 17003 Valuation 13381 Venture capital 45227 Web Analytics 12533 Web Development 41129