Fai Wong

San Francisco, California, US

Fai Wong's Skills
Product Management

About Fai Wong

I'm actually based in Sydney Australia. I have experience collaborating with a US team (a social enterprise crowdfunding start-up).

I'm a great team-player, communicator and versatile programmer (back-end and front-end) and just built an MVP landing page for http://sponsa.com.au. I'm an idea-ful person and has good design feel. My background includes software engineering, graphic/Web design and many many years of Web & database programming. I can architect while managing a team of designers/programmers and am not shy to jump in and code, code, code whenever I have to.

I manage work and team remotely with Trello. Here is an example of the boards I maintain:
- BusOfBooks charity where I'm the CTO: http://bit.ly/W8pcAS

I was accepted to join The Founder Institute (Sydney) last year but throughout the program I couldn't get the right mix of idea and co-founder. I went through the program twice to find this elusive and quality business co-founder. The non-technical founders I met there did not understand the value I bring to the table and they believed outsourcing would do the job (but 1 year later I still see their Unbounce.com landing pages even though they had plenty of media coverage).

And that is why I greatly value passion, substance and product-focused people with good sense of humour :) My passion is building an amazing product that many people want to use.


Monash University, Melbourne, Australia

Bachelor of Computing (Software Engineering, Object-oriented Systems)

2003 - 2003

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Master of IT (Web Technologies)

2004 - 2004


Founder Institute