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Faical Yannick P. Congo


Gaithersburg, Maryland, US


Startup Experience

First time founder

About Faical Yannick P.

I have a well scoped background in computer science in general. My experience is maximized in highly scalable backends (for mobile, web, embedded apps), electronics and precisely in solution architecture. I am currently pursuing a PhD in reproducible research. If you haven't heard of it, let's just say that it bothers me a lot that in some case the computation of A+(B+C) is not quite equal to (A+B)+C and a lot more that will probably make you reduce your confidence in computers. Yet, these are for high precision research where a mistake of 0.00000000001 can ruin an outcome.


Blaise Pascal University - France

Research Master in Image and Vision

2013 - 2013

ISIMA - France

Software Engineering

2013 - 2013

ENSIAS - Morocco

Embedded Systems Engineering

2011 - 2011