Faiyaz Patwari

Pune, India

Founder and CEO of Web spider web development Pvt. Ltd , I am a Free Lancer always learning new
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CMS Made Simple
CMS design
Web Development
Open to networking with people holding these skills
Web Presence
Web Performance
Web Parts
Web Pages
Web Operations
Web of Science
Web Navigation
Web móvil
Web mobile
Web Mining
Web Metrics
Web Merchandising
Web Media
Web Marketing Strategy
Web Marketing
Web Mapping
Web Maintenance
Web Logic
Web Layout
Web Languages
Web Interface Design
Web Intelligence
Web Infrastructure
Web Identity
Web Hosting
Web Help
Web Handling
Web Graphics
Web Governance
Web Games
Web Frameworks
Web Framework
Web Foundations
Web Fonts
Web Focus
Web Filtering
Web Experience
Web Events
Web Engineering
Web Editing
Web Development
Web Developers
Business English
Business Engineering
Business Establishment
Business Entity Selection
Business Evaluations
Business Ethics
Business Excellence
Business Events
Business Expansion
Business Executives
Business Finance
Business Experience
Business Generation
Business Formation
Business Growth
Business Groups
Business History
Business Growth Strategies
Business Identity Development
Business Ideas
Business in China
Business Impact Analysis
Business Information
Business Information Services Library (BiSL)
Business Innovation
Business Initiatives
Business Integration
Business Insights
Business Intelligence
Business Integrity
Business Interruption
Business Intelligence Projects
Business Intelligence Strategy
Business Intelligence Tools
Business Journalism
Business Interruption Claims
Business Launch
Business Knowledge
Business License
Business Letters
Business Law
Business Litigation
Business Lines
Business Logic
Business Loans
Business Mapping
Business Management
Business Management Solutions
Business Management Training
Business Media
Business Mathematics
Business Method Patents
Business Meetings
Business Metrics
Business Methods
Business Model Development
Business Minded
Business Modeling
Business Model Innovation
Business Model Transformation
Business News
Business Networking
Business Object
Business Notes
Business Objects 5.x
Business Objects
Business Objects Data Integrator
Business Objects Desktop Intelligence
Business Operations
Business Operations Management
Business Opportunities
Business Opportunity Assessments
Business Optimization
Business Opportunity Evaluation
Business Organizing
Business Organization
Business Owner Planning
Business Overhead Expense
Business Papers
Business Packages
Business Partner
Business Parks
Business Partner Support
Business Partner Relations
Business Partners
Business Performance Coaching
Business Performance Management
Business Process Analysis
Business Philosophy
Business Perspective
Business Portfolio Management
Business Plan Evaluation
Business Plan Formulation
Business Process
Business Portraits
Business Planning
Business Planning and Control System (BPCS)
Business Process Design
Business Process Development
Business Development
Freelance Photography
Freelance Graphics

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About Faiyaz

Hi there reader , You are awesome if you are on co-founders lab. Its because you wanna connect with people with great minds and skills, unlike others having snaps all the time to increase snap-score. Unlike other teenagers i am interested in building skills. I work and study as well , but that's not the case I also work for my own business of web development. I am a freelancer, and has a great and miraculous ideas to change state of art of any business. So, i thought of working for myself and now I am a freelancer with vast knowledge in web development. I am in 2nd year BSc(CS) but have more knowledge than any technical guy working as a developer. My 2 years of experience in sales and marketing and skills in web-development technologies have made me eligible to establish my own business. The thing which keeps me ignited is my dream to acheive my goals. I was successful in cracking JEE-mains and was eligible for NIT one of the best institute in India , but i was financially weak that made me take admission in BSc. Thank god that i took admission in Bsc(CS), which gave me enough time to get market knowledge as a sales and marketing executive and BSc(CS) provided me skills of programming. I am thankful to god that he gave me such a tough challenge to face life and i will crack that challenge out, and that's my faith and destiny too.

Now my this year goal is to successfully establish my work place and gain market space and value. I am not at all interested in campus drives for jobs because I earn more than that and after establishing my business i will earn way better than an IITian.

No one can buy a Lamborghini by working 9 hrs, for that you need to work 24 X 7. This is what i believe, and this makes me move on.


Make your DREAMS immortal , Bcoz Immortal things never DIE - Faiyaz Patwari

Work Experience


Tata business support

January 2017 - June 2017


Igraft Global Hair services

November 2017 - Today



Undergrad(2nd year BSc(Computer science))

2016 - 2019


Wordpress Development Course

matoshree Software solutions

Topics Followed 81
Academics 12662 Account management 14854 Advertising 41604 Analysis 17216 Analytics 44071 Blogging 18820 Brand Development 39703 Business Analysis 51579 Business Development 119167 Business intelligence 31690 Business planning 85561 C++ 11149 CRM 26095 Change Management 13257 Cloud Computing 36687 Coaching 17784 Competition 22146 Content marketing 18432 Content strategy 17913 Contract negotiation 20815 Data analysis 20240 Digital Media 33663 Digital marketing 75742 Due Diligence 12572 E-Commerce 65328 Email Marketing 39515 Enterprise software 19295 Entrepreneurship 128730 Finance 27475 Financial Modeling 21974 Financial analysis 19257 Go to market strategy 24618 Graphic design 17883 Growth 53880 Growth hacking 45989 Investments 33614 Java 13593 JavaScript 29616 Lead generation 23366 Linux 12008 M&a 11183 Management consulting 33985 Market research 53295 Marketing 87752 Marketing Communications 21115 Mobile marketing 24807 Mysql 11701 Negotiation 25610 Networking 35295 Non-profit 12536 Organizational Development 17304 Php 11538 Private equity 18100 Product Development 77838 Product management 34557 Program Management 31411 Public relations 35468 Public speaking 36945 Python 15289 Recruiting 19341 SEO 41242 SQL 12441 Saas 37406 Sales 55648 Sales Management 33932 Sales Strategy 25843 Sem 7833 Small business 32619 Social Media Marketing 36189 Social networking 45355 Software Engineering 21743 Software development 50193 Startups 123829 Team Building 48021 Telecommunications 13282 Training 21718 User Experience Design 28309 User Interface Design 24170 Valuation 19635 Web Analytics 16322 Web Development 53126