Fakhruddin Bhanpurawala

Mumbai, India

Founder @ FNSA Associates
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Operations Management
Project Management
Project Co-ordination
Business Planning
Business Strategy
Public Relations
Product Management
Business Development

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Founded 1 startup

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About Fakhruddin

|Startup Consultant| |Architect| |Project Management Consultant| |Business Operations| |Budding Investor| |Forbes Buff| |Travel & Startup Enthusiast|

I am Fakhruddin Bhanpurawala, StartUp Business, and Strategy Enthusiast. An Architecture graduate working since 2011 in Construction & Design industry, I have been reviewing Start-ups and Businesses since 2013 and have over four years of experience in Business and Operations Management. I also help start-ups and entrepreneurs fine-tune their business plans and strategies to survive the competitive and lucrative start-up market. I, along with my fellow founders, have established a Start-up named "FNSA Associates". It focuses on helping retail consumers and corporates to get their design and execution related problems solved under one hood, FNSA Associates focuses on the design solutions and Turnkey Project Solutions with highly strategized project management. We help our clients convert heavy work of home building and office building process to a seamless experience.

In Interior & Exterior Design solution business our focus is to provide the best quality and strategized design and bring down the execution specific problems down by 99%.
with our service-based solution business model we focus on Green & Affordable design solutions which makes us unique and attractive in the market.