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I'm Diego, from Argentina.
I'm very close to graduate (systems engineering), and I'm doing very well with my career, I have an excellent job (I'm freelancer).
I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur though, even when I was a child (that's how I learned to code)
I've read more than 10 books of entrepreneurship, in just a couple of months, and I think that is what I want to do. I'm also very good having ideas.
I'm the kind of guy that can come up with an idea, ask people about it, develop it, and finally launch it without having spent a cent... and then fail spectaculary. That's why I'm looking for marketers and sales people (depending on the project) and someone who knows about building business o willing to learn as me. I don't think project managers are required for these kind of projects, and as a System Engineer and having work experience I can handle this role by myself.

Currently I don't have any validated Idea but still I would like to be searching for cofounders at this stage.


Many times I've lied, many times I've listened. Many times I've wondered how much there is to know. Many dreams come true, and some have silver linings... I live for my dream, and a pocketful of gold! Mellow is the man, who knows what he's been missing. Many many men, can't see the open road. - Led zeppelin


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Full Stack Web developer

I've worked as a developer for 5 years, But I learned to code when I was 14 years old

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