Faris AlSalih


Vienna, Austria

Founder of a new startup in the field of E-commerce tools
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First time founder

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About Faris

Current project:
I commissioned an outsourced company to build a software MVP of an E-Commerce platform, An aggregator of major online destinations with tools to improve consumers "shopping acumen" . Includes first time features geared towards specific market segments.

I am looking for co-founders (programming, funding skills, E-commerce experience and online marketing skills) , I am also looking for funding opportunities from Angels.
Looking forward to hear from such interested people who share the view that improving un-controlled shopping behaviour of individual consumers will have a positive impact on the individual self, on the society and environment

My main skill:
Strong capacity for deep analysis and connecting the dots is the one skill most needed in implementing visionary ideas and steering companies through the different stages of their life cycles. Staying the main course while pivoting is a challenge worth pursuing.

Overall view:
Startups with innovative ideas are incrementally progressing humanity towards a different future, a better one in my opinion. We are lucky to have low barriers to entry into this once private club. I consider startups a brave bunch and deserve the encouragement, guidance and support from all of us and one day, every person will be an innovative contributor on this journey.


I could either watch it happen or be part of it - Elon Musk

Work Experience

Regional Sales Manager_ Middle East

Multi-national in Telematic Solutions

September 2006 - August 2017

Mainly business development duties: established market presence and networks, managed local office and entered into Gov. infrastructure projects


North America

B.A. Applied Mathematics, Computer Science

1983 - 1987