Fábio de Barros Freire

São Paulo, Brazil

Fábio's Skills
Product Management

About Fábio

(sorry by my english, I´m Brazilian and I´m speak portuguese, sorry)

I had an idea and turned it into reality. I developed the site more accurate in location of people of the world.

Unlike other sites, it is not necessary to report the name, email, phone ... It is fully integrated with Google Maps and has a demand in Brazil where 80% of people who use the internet will use this. No competitors. There is nothing like it. You can locate a former neighbor of his childhood for example, that you could not find by normal methods.

As the site has millions of users in a short time, we are unable at this time technical support this demand, so we are in need or a financial contribution or even sell the site to someone who can invest in it.

The site also caters to a specific demand: the location of missing persons.