Fernando Martin Santana

Los Angeles, California, US

Fernando's Skills
Product Management

About Fernando

I'm a technology consultant and business graduate but geek in heart. I have extensive experience in Europe and Asia for a wide range of industries; From the most advanced R&D labs in the world, to the biggest corporations in the Finance, Telecom and Technology industries, and the most promising startups in web, mobile and e-commerce.

I'm looking for a suitable partner/startup in Los Angeles for my next venture, and by suitable I mean someone who has a strong desire to create something big, but also manages to make the hard work to get there rewarding. Someone who understands a market opportunity and doesn't waste time with what's not needed. Someone who believes in validating ideas through metrics.

If that person is you, drop me a line at fernandomartinsantana@gmail.com and let's talk... like right now :)