Flavia Sparacino

Santa Monica, California, US

Flavia's Skills
Product Management

About Flavia

I am an experienced serial entrepreneur. I've successfully run sensingplaces.com since I started my innovation development firm in 2006. I am known for my research work at the MIT Media Lab from 1994 to 2001.

I am a creative innovator at heart and a passionate team leader. My work on gesture control came 12 years before the launch of Microsoft Kinect and 5 years before Spielberg’s Minority Report movie was released as documented by the Discovery Channel feature on my work. I also built wearable computers and sensors for use in museums and performance spaces almost 10 years before the launch of Google Glasses.

I am looking for an experienced business developer for my ventures: beamconference.com, presentize.com
Beam is like Nest for collaborative workspaces. Presentize is a revolutionary digital signage product that is bound to change the way that industry works.

We have a great and very capable team. I need a hussler biz dev/sales associate who can help us growth hack our way into a unicorn company.

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Sensing Places

January 2006 - Today

Sensing Places is an innovation focused tech agency